Sophie Van Dijk is an emerging composer and violinist passionate about creating music that is engaging and unique. She writes music to explore elements of faith, society and humanity and share these things with others with the ultimate goal of bringing joy and fostering dialogue and community.

Sophie is currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Composition) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has had chamber, choral and solo works performed throughout the ACT and NSW. She has been commissioned by Radford College (Canberra), the Brett Whiteley Gallery (Sydney) and Canberra Grammar School, and was selected to participate in the inaugural Coro Innominata Women Composers Development Program in 2017.

Sophie is interested in exploring the relationship between music and other artforms, and how they can enhance meaning and understanding when combined. She has collaborated with visual artists on a number of projects including short documentary Merge (visuals by Michelle Chanique and Karen Lee) in conjunction with Fairfield City Council.

Sophie enjoys sharing music with everyone of all ages and abilities, and has been privileged to talk about her work and compositional process with high school and primary school students in Canberra throughout 2018.

Sophie is currently working on new chamber and choral works and an exciting collaboration with Sydney-based poet Clare Pryor. Sophie is also a founding member of Sydney-based composer-performer collective Konzertprojekt and will continue to work with them throughout the remainder of 2018 to present concerts and perform new chamber works.

Sophie describes the last three years at the Conservatorium as an exciting, intense and at times, challenging period of learning, creating and growing. “When I started, I never dreamed that I would make it this far…I simply pursued my passion and I am delighted that other people have believed in me and what I have to say, have mentored me, performed my music and helped me share it. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have had so far and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next.”