In the News: World Premiere at 2018 Foundation Day Concert

April 4, 2018 In the News 0 Comments

It’s always so lovely to be supported by the communities that I find myself a part of – this time by the wonderful CutCommon Magazine, and the Radford Collegians’ Association ahead of this Radford College’s 2018 Foundation Day Concert at the end of this week. The world premiere of my new piece for double choir and string orchestra, commissioned by Radford College will take place this Friday 6 April at the High Court. I am beyond excited to hear the piece come to life.

Follow the links below to check out what the lovely folks had to say…

CutCommon Writeup

Sophie Van Dijk Composer Con Fuoco


Radford Collegians’ Association Writeup

Sophie Van Dijk Composer Radford Collegians' Association


More details about the event are available here.