Into Ethereal Space @ 107 Projects

You’re invited to the opening of Nowhere=Space at 107 Projects, featuring beautiful artwork and the premiere of my new spatialised work Into Ethereal Space.

I am delighted that Into Ethereal Space will be premiered at the opening of the Nowhere=Space exhibition. The exhibition, curated by Alex Malcolm, explores different interpretations of the ideas of space found within the infinite and abstract location that is nowhere. The exhibition title can be read as an equation, a question or contemplation that the contributing artists will translate to audiences through rich, materially diverse and conceptually driven bodies of work.
The exhibition features works by Viviana Barrero, Michelle Chanique, Karen Lee, Luke Robinson and Caroline Kronenberg.

I am privileged that these artists approached me to commission a new spatialised work for string quartet in which I responded to the title ‘Nowhere=Space’ to create a space that invites the listener to contemplate the contrasting ideas of “nowhere” and “space”. The wonderful Quart-Ed will be performing Into Ethereal Space… I can’t wait to hear the final result.

Nowhere = Space Sophie Van Dijk Composer


Date and Time: Opening Wednesday 11 July, 6-8pm
Location: 107 Projects, Redfern
More details are available here.