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November 3, 2017 In the News
Thanks for the writeup Fairfield City Champion! So pleased that they are supporting us to share this new film with the community. Find out more about the project on my blog.

New film explores cultural diversity. How do you capture the diversity of Fairfield in one four-minute video? Focus on faces. Focus on people.

That’s what photographer Michelle Chanique has done in collaboration with art director Karen Lee and musician Sophie Van Dijk in their film Merge.

The film is a joint effort with Fairfield City Museum & Gallery shot over three months that captures Fairfield residents throughout the city.

The short film not only merges different cultures but images, video and music together to explore the multi-faceted identity of the community. The goal for the music was to not reflect any one culture, rather for it to leave space for the visuals that celebrate multiculturalism.

“We hope to start a dialogue, to make the viewer stop and notice the changing face of Fairfield,” Ms Chanique said. “Merge is about celebrating the diversity of the cultures of Fairfield.

“ABS data shows the proportion of Australians who were born overseas, currently at 6.6 million people, has hit its highest point in 120 years.”

The film will be screened at The Crescent Plaza in Fairfield between mid-November to February. It will officially be launched on November 17.

Ms Lee said they wanted to capture the diverse cultures in the Fairfield CBD.“It doesn’t happen so much in other parts of Sydney. Just walking down the streets you can see a range of different cuisines,” she said.

Mayor Frank Carbone said Merge showcases the unique and varied community of Fairfield, whose “collective identities give our City its multicultural vibrancy”.

“The Crescent Plaza is an ideal location, situated in the heart of Fairfield town centre and encouraging passers-by to come together in our colourful urban plaza,” he said.“This is another example of Council’s commitment to celebrating our City’s fantastic diversity.”

Ms Chanique said she did a similar project in Chile and was looking forward to displaying her work to the community.

“The whole concept came about because diversity is the key of Fairfield. It is one of the most multicultural suburbs in Australia. We are a nation of migrants; I am an immigrant and arrived to Australia from Chile when I was only a few months old, while my colleague Karen is originally from Singapore,” she said.

The free public launch of Merge will be held at The Crescent Plaza in Fairfield on Friday, November 17 from 5.30pm-6.30pm.

Source: Merge celebrates diversity | Fairfield City Champion