In the Face of Agony

In the Face of Agony is a chamber work for two clarinets, piano and double bass.

The piece was inspired by a photo from the 2016 World Press Photo Exhibition. While visiting the exhibition, I was struck by the tension, pain and sadness in so many of the photos. One photo in particular (right) caught my eye for its beauty despite the desperate situation of the migrants photographed.
The image is titled “Migrants walked atop a dike as Slovenian riot police escorted them to a registration camp outside Dobova.” Photo by Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times.

This is a live recording of the premiere at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 28 October 2016.
Performed by Katherine Howarth (clarinet), Kirsty Cairney (clarinet), Gabrielle Cadenhead (piano) and Emma Trivett (double bass).



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