Into Ethereal Space

What is ‘space’? Where is ‘nohwere’? How do we understand these concepts? How do we cultivate ‘nowhere’ and ‘space’? These are questions that I considered when approaching this work. Into Ethereal Space responds to the exhibition title ‘Nowhere=Space’ by exploring contrasting peaceful, meditative sections and flurried rhythmic sections. This piece invites you to enter into a space of contrasts and to explore, contemplate and consider what ‘nowhere’ and ‘space’ might mean.

This piece was commissioned for the opening of ‘Nowhere=Space’ at 107 Projects. This is a live recording of the premiere performance, 11 July 2018.
Performed by Quart-Ed: Caitlin Sandiford, Sarah Qiu, David Tocknell and Karen Cortez.



Live Performance Snapshot

This work was spatialised, and the performers were on all different sides of the gallery space. Enjoy these pictures that provide an insight into the evening:

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