I was privileged to write the music to go along with this video by Karen Lee and Michelle Chanique that beautifully captures the diversity of Fairfield NSW. I didn’t want the music to emulate any one culture, rather, I wanted it to leave space for the visuals that celebrate Fairfield’s diversity.

Working on this project was a valuable learning process as I played, recorded and mixed the soundtrack myself, with some help from my fabulous colleagues Oscar Smith and Karen Cortez.

I am so pleased to share the full video:

Art Direction and Design by Karen Lee
Photography and Video by Michelle Chanique
Music by Sophie Van Dijk
Post Production by Chris Leaver

with thanks to Fairfield City Council and Fairfield Museum and Gallery

The video is played at the Crescent Plaza, Fairfield throughout the summer of 2017-2018, and was part of the ‘Fairfield on Film’ exhibition at the Fairfield Museum and Gallery until 31 March 2018.

Premiere Snapshot

Enjoy this selection of photos from the film premiere on 17 November 2017.

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