Towards Adventure: Saxophone Quartet

This arrangement of Towards Adventure was premiered at ‘Aftersound‘ at the Verge Gallery by Marcus Whale, Rainbow Chan, Isabella Fiorentino and Oscar Saran on 2 June 2018.

Towards Adventure is a “choose-your-own-adventure” style structured improvisation. Performers make their own way through the piece by following different paths. One leads to a pit of spiders while the other leads to a crystal cave.The goal for this piece was to give performers the freedom to respond to one another, and to explore how sound travels through the performance space. As a result, no two performances of this piece will sound exactly the same. Therefore, the piece takes on a life of its own, which I think is incredibly beautiful…

Listen to the live recording below, or check out the version for flute duet here.



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    Chamber, Improvisation

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