Towards Home

Towards Home was commissioned by Radford College in Canberra for their 2018 Foundation Day Concert. The brief was to write a piece for double choir and string orchestra on the theme ‘justice’.

To begin the process, I spent several weeks thinking about what justice means to me. I thought about where I see a lack of justice in our world, as well as the places where I see justice in action, and where I see people fighting for change. I realised that many of the things that exemplified brokenness and injustice to me – from homelessness to the refugee crisis to domestic abuse – all had links to the idea of ‘home’ or rather, the lack of a home. I realised that home wasn’t just about the physical building or place where someone lives, but also about safety, support and belonging.

So, I wrote the lyrics and music to reflect on what it might feel like to be without ‘home’, and a call to consider how we can see, speak and listen with compassion and work for positive change. My hope is that each person will relate what they hear to their own experience and be encouraged to feel that positive change is possible.

The entire process from start to finish was fantastic – from workshopping the piece with ensembles at music camp, to working with the visual art department to fit students’ photos to the music, to hearing the final performance at the High Court of Australia on 6 April 2018.

This piece is close to my heart, I am proud of the music and look forward to seeing where it goes. A HUGE thanks to Radford College for the opportunity to work on such a fabulous project!


People only leave their home,
when their home is consumed by hate!
People only leave their home,
when their home is consumed by fire!

This is done!
Faster than you can!

People only leave their home,
people only leave their home,
when their home is consumed by hate, by fear, by fire!

See their faces.
Do we care?
Why can’t we listen?
Why can’t we speak, will we work towards a change?
What if we dare?

People only leave their home.
When you can stay no more,
you must go, leave it behind.

All are yearning and hoping
for safety, kindness, peace, belonging.

See their faces.
Do we care?

People leave their home.
See their faces.


Canberra Grammar School PYP Talk: Towards Home as a creative response to ‘justice’

I was also privileged to talk about this piece and my creative process with Year 6 at Canberra Grammar School. It was wonderful to talk to them ahead of their Exhibition where each student responded to the topic of ‘migration’ in different creative ways.

I love sharing my music with people, so it was really exciting to lead the Year 6 students through the evolution of ‘Towards Home’ and I was delighted with the way that the students engaged with the topic and asked insightful questions.

Have a listen to the piece, I’d love to know what you think. And, please get in touch to get a copy of the score or to hear more about my process.


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