Vivid Sydney 2019: Konzertprojekt presents Light Qualities

It as been incredibly exciting working with Konzertprojekt to present a mini festival as part of Vivid Sydney 2019 for over a year. The fabulous Liam Mulligan and I have been co-curating this festival and we can’t wait to take the stage with our Konzertprojekt friends and share our series with you.

Light Qualities is a series of four concerts showcasing a diverse range of Australian music. With a particular focus on new music and emerging musicians, the series presents some of the up-and-coming musical voices of Sydney.

These concerts have been supported by VIVID Sydney, Destination NSW and St Stephen’s Uniting Church.

You can read more about the concerts on the Vivid Website, or read my interview with CutCommon Magazine about the curatorial process.


Each of the concerts are free, but registration is recommended.


Highlights from Concert 1: Saturation

It was so exciting to give the world premiere performance of my piece 2020:Chaos (commissioned especially for Saturation), as well as perform my piece Towards Adventure.


Performing 5 Duets for a Quiet Afternoon alongside David Tocknell. Photo by Ruari Campbell.